Purchasing of vibropresses


Purchase of pre-owned technologies

We buy and mediate the sale of entire lines or individual machines.

We buy machines in any condition. If you would like to sell your vibropress line, concrete plant, or other related equipment, contact us.

We’ll be happy to help you arrange a sale, or we’ll buy the line from you directly. We provide complete service related to the sale, both technically and legislatively.

We arrange for the complete disassembly, transportation, assembly, modernization, and repair of entire production lines. This includes commissioning and professional staff training, thus increasing value and attractiveness for the new owner.

We purchase and offer vibropress centers and concrete plants throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We purchase all technologies related to vibropress production:

  • Vibrolis lines
  • Individual machines
  • Spare parts
  • Forms
  • Concrete production machines

Do you want to sell or mediate a sale?

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