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Vibrolisy, wetcast, betonárky, podlážky a formy

Vibropresses, wetcast, concrete mixers, pallets, and molds

We offer leading French vibropresses, automatic handling lines, and automatic machines for the production of dry cast and wet cast concrete products. The latest patented vibration system combined with the correct distribution enables us to produce thin-walled shell blocks. Our machines, of course, are also capable of traditional interlocking paving, curbs, and ceiling sections, all with a significantly reduced percentage of cement in the concrete mix. Cement is the most expensive component of concrete recipes, which makes the French machines capable of providing a faster economic return.

For interlocking paving and blocks, we guarantee a product height with maximum variation +/- 1 mm.

We deliver turnkey production lines; we accompany the delivery ourselves, discuss everything with you, and secure the entire process from purchase, through transport, up to commissioning including taking care of subsequent spare parts and service by our professional staff.

With the supply of a vibropress, we can also provide you with a suitable automatic mixing center, either our own or from a different production. The same naturally applies to production pallets and corresponding molds.

Modern vibration technology is able to maximally compact fresh concrete into its future formed product, thus providing it with far better properties. Vibropresses, as well as entire vibropress production lines, enable the precise production of light, thin-walled concrete blocks and parts with high strength.

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